MILAN - 20/03/2022

Clara’s welcome letter

And finally the day has arrived, after almost two years of hard work, and why not, fun. Today is the veryfirst day of an incredible journey.

Since the day I began to design this website ( December 2020 ) I wanted to create a journal section where I could explain all the news around @studio_viladecans. I wondered about creating a platform where to talk about artists, factories, artisans, entrepreneurs ... about people who have been on my path for almost two years because Viladecans is the result of experiences, places, people and feelings that have surrounded me all these years.

Creating @studio_viladecans was an idea I had already during the covid-19 lockdown, but I didn’t feel myself capable of embarking on such a path, I felt that it was too big for me even more starting from nothing and alone.

It was at that time, in September 2020 when I received my first design order, and then I told myself; hey! people start with a first client, I have it, so... go for it and try.

At this point maybe someone can be wondering... Why so much time to launch a collection of two lamps? The answer is simple ... Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride!

I started in September 2020 working on my first designs. For months I was designing each lamp, piece by piece, preparing everything so that when I found a manufacturer the designs were ready to be produced.

The search for manufacturers began... and what a show! Car up and down visiting factories throughout northern Italy and Spain.

The first problem I encountered was to find a manufacturer willing to accept producing my designs in short series because I was working with very small quantities. From the beginning I wanted to work in a pre-order system and what I found was that craftsman wanting to produce in such a regime were scarce.

Notwithstanding, I was very lucky finding a super glass artisan very quickly ( Thanks Fabio ). Conversely, to find someone for manufacturing all the metallurgical parts of the lamps was a nightmare.

At the end of March 2021 I found a manufacturer near Girona (Spain). Initially they showed a lot of interest in getting involved in my project, so our collaboration began. My goal was to launch in September 2021. But, unfortuna- tely, at the last minute, I realized that the manufacturer did not do well his job and all the pieces had been damaged when applying a special type of finish. I found myself in the middle of July without prototypes and obviously without a manufacturer again.
At that moment the desperation was real ( jajaja )

But, It was thanks to what have been happened, that I had again a stroke of luck and immediately found Xavi and Yolanda. Obviously I couldn’t launch on September. Instead, in September we start to produce from scratch again and, this time yes, we were able to get on time, so we were able to do an extraordinary photo shoot in February.

There have been many other ups and downs before being able to launch this website today. But I should leave them for another day so I don't bore you beforehand!

In conclusion, I would love to contribute to humanizing the world of design. A lamp does not come out from one day to another as if it were the blink of an eye. In between, there have been many efforts, failed attempts, disappointments, joys, everything... but now I am willing to appreciate what a 365-degree product implies.

After all, here is where it was definitely born @studio_viladecans, a space where I would like to share all my creations and where you can see the entire process .


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